Calefactio is proud to present its residential, commercial and industrial plumbing products. In business since 1928, our experience and expertise allow us to offer a sturdy and reliable range of products. Our parts can be custom-made to suit your specific needs.


Non-code expansion tanks


ExpanFlex Products


Residential Condensafe

Calefactio’s condensafe neutralizer is an outstanding innovation in the condensate neutralizer domain. The unit is divided in three sections and the media is contained in bags that you can replace easily when needed. These media bags are the only ones in the industry to have date labels so the user knows exactly when it’s time to replace them. Use only the sections you need!


Commercial Condensafe

CondenSAFE’s commercial version allows users to neutralize acidic condensate in boilers with a 3,500 MBH capacity (1,026 kWh). Equipped with a stainless steel plate, each unit is made of rugged rotomolded plastic containing Calefactio’s own engineered media. Its modular design means up to 3 CondenSAFE units can be installed in series, tripling treatment capacity to 10,500 MBH.

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