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The preferred hydronics company. Serving all commercial and large residential needs in southern Ontario.

Trillium Hydronics Ltd. is the representative of Camus Hydronics Boilers and Water Heaters in western, central and eastern Ontario servicing the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We have serviced the Ontario market for over 30 years and have established a reputation as a competitive, reliable and fair-minded company.


Popular Products

We pride ourselves on the many longstanding relationships with our clients having earned their trust and respect with the successful completion of numerous equipment installations throughout the province. Below are the most commonly used and most successful products used in our many installations both big and small.


The DynaForce is a state of the art condensing water tube boiler. Utilizing a stainless steel heat exchanger, the DynaForce is capable of efficiencies up to 99% and is best suited for systems that run at lower temperatures to maximize its efficiency. Models range from 300Mbtu to 5,000Mbtu.


The DynaFlame is a water tube boiler with a model range from 500Mbtu to 6,000Mbtu. This boiler is great for retro-fits or applications with higher system temperatures. The exchanger is Copper, Stainless Steel, or CuproNickel, and with three possible efficiencies (85%, 88% and 95%), the DynaFlame is a very versatile boiler.


The DynaMax is Camus’ high efficient water tube boiler built to suit the residential and small commercial market. The boiler is capable of efficiencies up to 97%, and has models ranging from 80Mbtu to 800Mbtu


Great for condensing or near condensing appliances of all sizes, this AL29-4C stainless steel venting comes as single wall or double wall. Gasketed fittings allow FasNSeal to vent positive vent pressure appliances (Cat III & Cat IV). FasNSeal comes in sizes 3″-24″ in diameter.
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